wooden floor market at present


    Fight bacterium floor to get gradually at present the attention of consumer and favour municipal wood composite equipment floor . Investigate its reason, mainly due to the increasing of people's living standard, the consciousness of healthy environmental protection strengthen ceaselessly, especially "SARS" and "avian flu" the influence of epidemic diseases.

    such as making the consumers on the degree of care and attention to household environment is becoming more and more high marine high density flooring . As antibacterial wood floor, its antibacterial ingredients also is not the same. General classify, the antibacterial agent can be divided organic with inorganic two large categories.

    In wooden floor market at present, the use of inorganic antibacterial agent products more see composite deck for sale online . And inorganic antibacterial agent and divided into silver ion antibacterial agent, photocatalytic antibacterial agent and zinc oxide whisker 3 kinds. Silver ion antibacterial agent is the use of silver antibacterial ability, through the methods of physical adsorption of ion exchange composite material floor for upgrading patio , fix the silver ions on zeolites and other porous material surface.