Revelation Online invites players to appear appointment

  • After a continued day of annihilating breed and active FedEx quests for careless NPCs, one needs a stress-relieving break. For this, Revelation Online invites players to appear appointment its aboriginal Faerie’s Funland affair park.

    Faerie’s Funland is abandoned accessible two canicule a revelation online gold anniversary and is structured like a ample lath game. Players will cross the esplanade and appoint in mini-games to acquire all sorts of prizes, such as cosmetics and aureate earrings.

    The action esplanade isn’t the abandoned affection that came with yesterday’s Stardust update. The bold aswell opened up Starshatter Island, a PvP breadth advised for all-embracing (up to 400 players) brotherhood vs. brotherhood battles. The island opens already a day and auto-levels all participants to 79 so that as abounding bodies as accessible can participate.

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