the market Access to the fake flooring

  • suburban districts and cities of the building materials city, roadside shops, these building materials operators weak sense of quality, driven by the interests of these do not meet the market Access to the fake flooring. Beijing's industrial and commercial sector has been on the spot checks in the unqualified interior decoration materials,plastic lumber fence europe prices

    according to unqualified commodity exit mechanism, take coercive measures to withdraw from the market, and sales of substandard goods operators in accordance with the law. Give full play to commodity quality supervision and inspection and failure of the failure of the role of mandatory withdrawal of goods, the implementation of the circulation of goods in the field of effective control of quality,balcony floor

    clean consumption environment. Consumers such as the purchase of the above-mentioned substandard products can be returned according to the shopping small ticket. The list of substandard products can be found on the website of Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau.Flooring Industry: 2007 Breakdown Editor: China's flooring industry in 2006 is the highest attention industry.heated decking for roof garden