city lumber assist


    Lumber of general commonalty Japan exports association to promote Sino-Japanese the communication that uses a field with the lumber between lumber industry how much should a composite fence cost and collaboration, in guild of Qingdao city lumber assist energetically below, will be in on October 20 Qingdao sea is great hotel 3 Lou Heyue hall (road of the Yangtse River of development of Qingdao economy technology 218) hold " products of 2016 Sino-Japanese wood communicates a seminar " .

    Disclose according to this association, be in this second on the seminar, chinese lumber Inc. , WOOD LI Co. , ltd. , HANSYOTEN Co. , ltd. The sawn timber Cheap Self Stick Stair Treads product that introduces wood of Japanese cryptomeria, Chinese juniper from product and technical angle respectively, inside outfit material, outside the application that assembles the product such as material, furniture material and technical point and applied case.

    Play a public figure of person of the same trade of seminar of purpose, specific arrangements seeks advice from guild of Qingdao city lumber please (0532-68978139)Introduce according to this association, 2/3 what silvan area of Japan takes land about, annual net growth of silvan save up amounts to 100 million M3. The main tree of Japanese lumber is planted for Japanese cryptomeria (Japanese fir) , Japan is flat cypress (wood of Chinese wpc pool deck juniper of Japanese cypress, Japan) , dragon spruce of scale of fir of page of pine of Japanese fallen leaves, library, Japan, use extensively from of old at the building, inside decorate, in the daily life of furniture and people.