wood flooring manufacturers

  • Experts predict that in the next few years China's annual aggrandizement wood 7 foot plastic privacy fencing will exceed three hundred million square meters. As China's market of floor of wood of aggrandizement anti-counterfeiting ZhiLie and industry integration round pool deck anti corrosive plans , simple and inferior products are difficult to survive,

    the most urgent problem is to provide a better service for consumers, including better parts and a more professional installation. According to the Chinese wood floor industry association survey composite decking longevity types build , more than forty percent of wooden floor complaining dispute caused by laying construction level,

    thirty percent were caused by inferior material, twenty percent is wooden floor itself quality problem, ten percent is the improper care. Experts believe that, under the market atmosphere cheap garden wooden plank fence singapore , aggrandizement wood floor consumption must be from the simple product consumption transition to the service.