Where to Buy the Best Air Jordan Retro 2018 Online

  • 2018 Air Jordan Shoes, Air Jordan 12 meaning is greater than Air Jordan 11. Starting from Air Jordan 12, we see Jordan Brand, not Nike Jordan. In 1997, Jordan series products were officially named Jordan Brand, Nike's sub-brand. This is also a big step forward Jordan brand, so far, Nike has not signed the athlete's personal series to become the second Jordan Brand. Rumors Kobe series in the future may be Nike into a personal brand, but from the product, we see Kobe series of Nike temperament or show active, Nike Swoosh or Kobe series of basketball shoes on the most prominent logo, so that Jordan Brand Now seems to be unique.
    New Jordans 2016, After the peak of the word both belong to the Air Jordan 12 also belong to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' 1996-97 season. Air Jordan 11 turned out to become the Air Jordan series of basketball shoes important watershed, in the Air Jordan 11 under the high Air Jordan 12 basketball shoes will be what kind of design for everyone to a new surprise. Also for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, the 1995-1996 season they hit the regular season 72 wins and 10 losses of the amazing results, this record to maintain a full 20 years after the Golden State Warriors were broken this year.
    Cheap Jordans 2017, It is undeniable Air Jordan 11 and Air Jordan 12 are excellent shape and performance of the shoes. Air Jordan 11 has opened up a new situation, so Air Jordan 11 after the shoes will be along a new direction forward, Air Jordan 12 is the new direction after the first shoes. Although Air Jordan 11 high light unlimited, but we still see the designer Tinker Hatflied want to do something new. The first thing is the asymmetry design, in the Air Jordan 12 before we see are symmetrical on both sides of the upper Air Jordan shoes. But this design did not continue for a long time, only in the Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 13,14 three pairs of shoes such a design, to the Air Jordan 15, we see Air Jordan is back to the shoes and shoes Symmetrical design of the road.
    Compared to the previous generation of Jordans 2017, Air Jordan 12 or the first pair of configuration Zoom Air air cushion shoes, in the end performance has been further improved. Air Jordan 12 was configured with the whole palm Zoom Air, follow-up AJ is on behalf of the shoes, although the continuation of the Zoom Air air cushion configuration, but later use the whole palm Zoom Air only 18,19,23,2010 four pairs of shoes. In addition to innovation, Air Jordan 12 also inherited 11 part, that is, in the end of the carbon fiber version. Carbon fiber version from the beginning to today have been some demonized, but carbon fiber version of the support for the stability of the shoes played an effective role, but this does not mean the shape of the carbon plate cool TPU in the functional weakness it. But people still like the texture of the protruding carbon fiber board.