Russell Westbrook has officially unveiled the Air Jordan 32

  • This Jordans 2017 new release of the Air Jordan 32, equipped with the Jordan series dedicated Flyknure uppers and FlightSpeed ​​technology, and Air Jordan 2 design elements and modern high-performance innovative technology ingenuity together! Although the design inspiration to pick up the essence of the past design, but its cushioning system technology is far from the superb degree of basketball shoes comparable. The heel of the back of the shoe with a more traditional molded leather or fur and electronic weaving process with the shoe feel more balanced. At the same time enhance and continue since the Air Jordan II, Jordan brand DNA has been the continuation of the sports luxury wind.
    New Jordans 2016 has officially unveiled the Air Jordan 32, which is set to officially release on September 23rd in its "Rosso Corsa" colorway. During the unveiling, Russell Westbrook headed to Shanghai as part of Jordan Brand's media launch event. During Brodie's visit, he took time for photoshoots and interviews all to support and answer questions about the Air Jordan XXX2. He also made a surprise visit to the Jordan Tianshe store, as well as to the Jordan Brand summer league city final.
    Air Jordan 32 officially released, with the New Air Jordan Shoes, this pair of Air Jordan 2 as the source of inspiration for the new shoes, innovative technology and fashion appearance combined. In addition to the upper technology, Jordan brand also pointed out that the Air Jordan 32 cushioning and grip technology. Designer Tate Kuerbis said that the shoes equipped with the front and rear palm Zoom Air air cushion unit in the Flight Plate technology blessing, with better cushioning effect. Second, the chevron-shaped lines through the car wiper-style arrangement, you can enhance the shoes of the venue and grip.
    Today, Cheap Jordans 2017 officially unveils the Air Jordan 32, a brand new sneaker that draws design inspiration from the Air Jordan II and blends it with the best basketball-specific innovations that the brand has to offer. The upper features a new Flyknit upper with high-tenacity yarns that offers flexibility like never before and a hidden lace harness that provides lockdown "under the hood", while the actual design of the Flyknit material has been engineered to mimic the toe-box of the Air Jordan II. Paired with the engineered Flyknit is a molded snakeskin leather and molded suede panel with a detail at the achilles that resonates the sporty and aggressive vibe of a Ferrari supercar.