while the Brode will skewer enemies

  • Devolver Digital and Free Lives have lined up a new update for their 2D shooter, Broforce. Two new heroes   FIFA 18 Coins   are set to join the Oct-bro-ber update, which will also include new levels and Steam Workshop support.Bro Max and the Brode (homages toMad Max and Kill Bill , respectively 

    are the two newest playable characters to arrive on the scene. Max will attack with his bro Buy FIFA 18 Coins merang, while the Brode will skewer enemies with her samurai sword.Steam Workshop support will allow users to create custom levels and scenari-bros that can be shared directly on Steam.

    The Workshop's system of bro-mocracy in action allows Broforce owners to bro-te for the best user-generated conte nt.Broforce is available now on Steam Early Access. Shacknews evaluated the beta back in July, for anyone interested. WELCOMETOhttp://www.u2fifa.com/