like the ability to pause and resume downloads

  • Disney/LucasFilm.GOG (via Kotaku) announced the deal this morning on their forums,  Update: The link has since been pulled) adding that the deal will also include Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Indiana Jones and the Fate of FIFA 18 Coins  Atlantis, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Repubic. These are among 30 Disney/Lucasfilm games that will release DRM-free 

    starting on Tuesday. In the case of X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Sam & Max Hit the Road, it'll be the first time they'll be available as digital downloads.Thanks to Chatty poster cheapito_ for the tip. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.Saturday, Shacknews joined  Buy FIFA 18 Coinsth ousands in the gaming community to raise money for Extra Life, benefitting Children's Miracle Network hospitals. For 24 hours, we played games, gave prizes, and collected donations.

    Then, the Chatty community jumped in, keeping the effort going stronguntil late last night.By the end, Shacknews had raised $31,210 to help sick kids and became one of the of the top contributors.Our contributions were a small part of the Extra Life effort as a whole, which so far has raised more than $5 million. On behalf of Shacknews, thank you to everyone who WELCOMETO