no longer phase transfer to a group member

  • could not matchmake for Free Roam from the mega map, while in Brooklyn.Fixed a bug where the Ballistic Shield visual would become corrupted if the player changed shoulder view while using it.Fixed a bug where the defense turrets in Falcon Lost would be able to shoot players through NBA 2K18 MT  covers from a medium-long range.Fixed some objects in Falcon Lost that would not provide tactical cover.Fixed a


    number of tooltips not displaying correctly in Arabic localization.Fixed some instances where dead civilians would need things from the player.Fixed a rare case where Rogue status would expire too soon.Fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map in Brooklyn. Buy NBA 2K18 MT Crafting will now properly update blueprint stats if the player has switched their Firearms values while in the Base of Operations.Players can no longer phase transfer to a group member


    rsquo;s higher Dark Zone bracket while having Rogue status.Fixed a bug where automatching would return the wrong difficulty for missions when failing to find a match.Fixed a bug where the player’s own character could obstruct aiming while in cover.And many more!PC SpecificFixed a bug where auto-aim would be automatically triggered on PC.Min and Max mouse sensitivity values are now exposed in state.cfg file.Added an option in the game UI that disables all Gamepad