a stronger average card pool to choose

  • having some powerful tools removed, like Snowchugger and Goblin Auto Barber, respectively. The less powerful classes are instead having much larger numbers of weaker or strictly synergistic cards removed. Those include cards like Totemic Might (Shaman),  FIFA 18 Coins     Sacrificial Pact (Warlock), Savagery (Druid), Charge (Warrior), Call Pet (Hunter), and Convert (Priest).The end result will be to make the Mage and Rogue card pools less powerful on average 


    while making the less dominant classes have a stronger average card pool to choose from. Paladin, which has consistently remained in the middle, won't undergo any changes.Overall Blizzard will be removing 45 cards, which represents a Buy FIFA 18 Coins  significant chunk of the nearly900 total cards currently in the game. The studio says it may still make further changes, like the suggested idea of weighting certain cards to appear more or less often, without removing them entirely.  Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

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