Armored Warfare is still taking

  • The folks at Obsidian Entertainment and are gearing up for the upcoming Armored Warfare closed beta. To help get the Gamescom audience hyped up for some heavy tank-on-tank action, Obsidian is offering another look at their free-to-play tank battle game with NBA 2K18 MT    a new trailer.The trailer is more of Armored Warfare's environments on display, notably the abandoned urban battlefields. There isn't much beyond that, though.

                     Armored Warfare is still taking sign-ups for its beta. Give it a look here.Ever want to play a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon, but actually measure the success of your theme park rides by turning the riders into human pin cushions? Now's your chance.Frontier Buy NBA 2K18 MT  Entertainment has teamed up with Microsoft on a new title called ScreamRide, where you can create your dream (or nightmare) thrill rides on an amusement park level.

                     The thing is, you don't always have to go the usual route, as you can test rides to go out of control and send your test subjects careening into the nearby buildings.Although ScreamRide's gameplay wasn't revealed, the opening cinema is rather  humorous, with riders have a field day jumping on the rides, only to find that they're headed for disaster as they jump off the track. Think of it as a sadistic guilty pleasure, but don't worry. They'll be coming back for more.Look for more information on ScreamRide soon, with an expected release date in 2015.