players should expect from next week

  • Along with the message, the page linked to the video below that shows Destiny’s Guardians walking through a foggy terrain along with a Ghost. The video ends with a vague “coming soon” message.We can’t imagine there being much NBA 2K18 MT  else Bungie has left up its sleeves in regards to Destiny’s upcoming release. The developer has been pretty vocal lately about what future Destiny

                  players should expect from next week’s release.The tease didn’t specify when we’d learn whatever secrets Bungie and Activision has left for the upcoming shooter. We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on what’s announced and be sure to report on it as soon as it’s announced.With NFL football season kicking off tonight, now is a good time to humiliate your friends in a good old game of Madden NFL 15. But if you NBA 2K17 VC  really want to get the point across against your rivals, there's an app for that. Well, a website, anyway.Introducing the GIFerator, a tool that creates an animated image with a taunt message that you can post on Facebook

                  Twitter, Google Plus or as a general URL. The GIFerator features all the NFL teams, as well as a variety of backgrounds and player images to use. In addition, you can use a pre-programmed message, or enter your own. Please, leave the vulgarity on  the field.The service is free, and we even tried it out below with a Denver Bronco to show you just what it can do. Check it out.Madden NFL 15 is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.