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  •  grow to gargantuan proportions.The latest Marvel Heroes 2015 update will also introduce some other additions, including the Sam Wilson version of Captain America as a Team-Up character. On top of that, a vote has opened up on the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums to determine a future playable character, with the choices down to the villainous Green Goblin, X-Men sorceress Magik, the Kamala Khan version of NBA 2K18 MT   Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man, and the Wasp.Marvel Heroes 2015 is free-to-play and available now. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

           Update: Blizzard has since issued a statement noting that Leoric is not, in fact, coming today. He will arrive next week.Original story:  Buy NBA 2K18 MT Heroes of the Storm is continuing its Eternal Conflictupdate by adding the latest Hero from the Diablo universe. As originally revealed during E3 2015, King Leoric has made his debut, threatening to become one of the game's most powerful characters.As discussed previously with the folks at Blizzard, here are King Leoric's attacks:(Q) .


           Skeletal Swing - This is a wide swing that can reach multiple foes, while also applying a slowing effect.(W) Drain Hope - This will shackle foes affected and absorb their health.(E) Wraith Walk - This is Leoric's teleport move. His body will get the  Unstoppable condition, while his wraith form moves anywhere. Leoric will then teleport his body to that location, allowing him to get the drop on foes.(R1) Entomb