we see Reynardo having to choose

  • labyrinth runs, but their abilities are worth the effort. Examples of these classes include Slayer, which gets some obscenely powerful offensive abilities; Champion, which can help buff party members and gets benefits for taunting foes; and Gladiator, which   has skills that help it strike more quickly. When combining these new skills with the existing Path of Exile skill tree, it Madden NFL 18 Coins   opens the door for even wilder character builds than the ones that already exist.There will be plenty of more information on Path of Exile: Ascendancy in the coming month, with Grinding Gear aiming for an early 2016 launch.

              Path of Exile remains free-to-play and Ascendancy will likewise be free to all users. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.Spearhead Games has released a new trailer for Stories: The Path of Destinies, which was previously titled Stories: The Hidden Path.The new trailer highlights the game’s overall story while showing off some of its in-game footage. We learn Reynardo is a reluctant hero who faces a number of decisions that help shape the overall story. In the trailer, we see Reynardo having to choose between saving a friend or wielding a Demon Sword that helps him grow stronger with each  Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins enemy he defeats. The sword can also help end the war,although the decision he’ll need to make will be an extremely difficult one.Stories: The Path of Destinies is currently in development for PlayStation 4 with no word on a release date.The Nexus doesn't quite understand this concept of "Black Friday," so that's probably why any major details are starting up on Tuesday, instead.

           Blizzard has announced its Heroes of the Storm plans for the holiday week and it'll likely be a player's best chance to grab some new Heroes for cheap.According to Battle.net, all Heroes, Mounts, and Skins will run for half-off. The shop will also feature a new 360 Day Stimpack for a discounted rate, along with a special Second Chance bundle that will feature the Winter Veil Jaina Skin, Greatfather Winter Rehgar =http://www.maddenvip.com/  Skin, Reigneer Mount, Nazeebra Mount, Lunar Tiger Mount, and Magic Carpet Mount.The sale will run from November 24 all the way through December 8. So be sure to grab as many Heroes as possible... unless, of course, you want Cho'Gall. Remember, he has some special unlock conditions.