Outside of the smartphone business

  • Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has revealed the company’s plans for 2016, which includes the Nintendo NX, film and TV, and more.Kimishima-san published his outline of 2016 in Mainichi Shimbun and says Nintendo would like to surprise fans with new ideas  NBA 2K18 MT  this year, and not build on old ones. As a result, Nintendo plans on releasing details of its upcoming console, the Nintendo NX.Beyond consoles, Kimishima-san reveals the first smartphone app from Nintendo will be rolled out in March 2016 and promises apps with well-known characters will launch in 2016.

                Outside of the smartphone business, Kimishima-san also plans on expanding Nintendo’s reach to theme parks, movies, and TV animes.As for Nintendo’s financials, Kimishima-san plans to bring profits to 100 billion yen ($855 million) in “several years.”A report was publishedin late 2015 that says the Nintendo NX will enter mass production at the end of Q1 2016. If that report turns out to be true,  Buy NBA 2K18 MT then we should hopefully hear more about the upcoming console sooner rather than later. Visit Chatty to Join The ConversationIt's time to step into a new year, but there's still a piece of business left to take care of for the old year. So just how were sales for the final month of 2015? The answer shouldn't surprise many, as the PlayStation 4 has retained the top spot, following a brief Xbox One victory in October.

               However, there's something for everyone to be happy about in December, as this marked the best of month of unit sales to date for both PS4 and Xbox One. It was also the best month on record for physical software sales for both PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the second-best month for Wii U. Overall, December was the best month for the consoles' eight generation yet, beating out the record set in November..Software https://www.mmogo.com/  releases were somewhat light in December, so that means Call of Duty: Black Ops III rules the day again. Meanwhile, Star Wars Battlefront has climbed up to overtake Fallout 4 for the runner-up spot, swapping spots with Bethesda's open-world adventure.