He will never be the NFL 18 Coins

  • He will never be the same player he was before. He may NFL 18 Coins not play again, or he may cobble together a few games here and there until he retires when the pain in his knees is too great. There's simply no cartilage there to withstand the physical exertion that comes with being an NBA big man. Doctors don't have the ability to re-grow cartilage.


    It's gone. The only time he played 5-on-5, his knees swelled up so badly that he couldn't walk. That shut the door on the hope that Bynum would ever play a game for the Sixers. Not one game.I know this because.


    I watched it all unfold over the last 12 months. But I didn't think that was the case with Oden. Not being there, I didn't realize that the words I was using to reflect my pessimism over Bynum ever playing at a high level were the same ones being used for Oden.


    Ben Golliver, now of Sports Illustrated and Blazer's Edge, formerly of CBS Sports, has been around Greg almost his whole career. His Close The Book column on Portland and Oden hauntingly mirrors the Sixers situation with Bynum.


    Blazers fans these days are an emotionally exhausted house divided. Many understand the logic and thought process that went into the pick. But many others responded to Buchanan's "I would still draft Greg" quote on Cheap madden mobile coins Monday night by calling for his job. Some can't get past the Greg Oden and Sam Bowie comparisons. And others, even in notoriously polite Portland, have gone as far as to boo Oden when he is shown on the jumbotron at the Rose Garden - https://www.mmogo.com