Next to Gasol to NBA Live Coins

  • Next to Gasol, Lamar Odom has been even more 
    NBA Live Coins impressive considering his history, hitting for 16 points on 62 percent from the floor, adding 11 rebounds of his own. Beyond those two, Ron Artest looks more comfortable than ever in the triangle offense, Kobe Bryant is playing 30 minutes-a-game and hitting for an understated 24 points-a-night, and then you've got.


    Matt Barnes and Steve Blake off the bench, two role players that are better than anyone L.A.'s had during the past two seasons. When, you know, the won the whole goddamn thing.This year, though, they look better. The offense has been crisp, everyone's dialed in, and even though they're allowing nearly 100-points-a-game, ESPN Los Angeles adds this note:


    ...the Laker offense has seemingly transformed itself into a weapon of mass terror.The scale of the offensive improvement is striking. In 2009-10, the Lakers had an offensive rating (meaning points scored per 100possessions) of 108.8, which ranked 11th in the NBA. This season, through seven games, the Lakers have an offensive rating of 118.3, an almost 9% step-up in efficiency that has them atop the league scoring tables by a sizable margin.


    And while that article continues on to explain it's probably not sustainable over the Buy NBA 2K18 MT long haul, it doesn't change what we've seen the first few weeks. The Lakers have sent a pretty clear message to everyone who might have overlooked them the past few months. They've been so. More cheap coins in