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  • I would argue that American dedication to punnery fueled the NBA 2K18 MT longer-than-fair life of the moniker and thus the mocking. But in the Jail Blazers' heyday, the critiques of Portland players' lawless ways were rather fair in my estimation. The stories are just incredible.GOOD JOB, AUSTRALIA: Australia swept a home-and-home with


    New Zealand, winning FIBA Oceania and guaranteeing a spot in the 2016 Olympics. That's right: two wins gets you a berth in Oceania. Meanwhile, good teams in Europe and the Americas will have to sweat out hypercompetitive continental tournaments to earn a spot. This remains one of the dumbest situations in sports. Just combine Asia and Oceania already.


    Dan Devine, one of my favorite basketball writers and Internet humans, shares a piercing story about the day his daughter was born. I urge you to read it.Happy Wednesday. See you next time.Jason Williams is 39 years old and still making players half his age look foolish -


    Unlike wine, chocolate does not get better with age. White Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins choclocate on the other hand might. There's a new Jason Williams mixtape and in case you were wondering: Yes, he's still schooling fools.He schools with no-look passes. He schools with his words. He schools in the paint. Here's to White Chocolate: showing us how we can all ball well into our 40s. Well, provided we played in the NBA before.h/t RedditNation presents: NBA rookies imitate Kobe, LeBron and more starsJoel Embiid has foot surgery, Sixers issue statement - https://www.mtnba2k.com