It was the Grizzlies' ninth madden mobile coins

  • It was the Grizzlies' ninth double-digit loss of the season. Zach Randolph and madden mobile coins Tony Allen looked old -- Randolph was 3 of 10 from the field and Tony Allen played just 14 minutes. There are lineup problems that need to be solved for the Grizzlies, and it doesn't seem like they have the roster to fix them.The Cleveland Cavaliers will eventually have to find their grooveThe Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Portland Trail Blazers by 18 points Tuesday. Having lost three straight games, it looked like they were going to hit a new low.LeBron James wasn't going to let that happen, though. He had 33 points and 10 rebounds as the Cavaliers came back to beat the


    Blazers and snap their losing skid. Kevin Love added 18 points.The Cavaliers did this last season, too, struggling early before finding their groove and coasting through the Eastern Conference to the NBA Finals. LeBron James has mastered turning it on when he needs to. The Cavaliers are still waiting on Kyrie Irving, but eventually they will get into a routine -- a winning one.Play of the nightRajon Rondo struggled to find his way with the Dallas Mavericks last season, but he has found a home with theSacramento Kings. He is averaging 12.5 points and 11 assists this season. He had 17 points and 13 assists against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday. Plus, he had this absurd behind-the-back dribble, one-handed dime to Rudy


    Gay. Good grief, Rondo,you're making us believe again.2 fun thingsThe Warriors are so good, they're celebrating shots before they even go in.The Harlem Globetrotters are a tad worried the Warriors are gunning for their 3,589-game wining streak.ScoresWarriors 131, Pacers 123 (Golden State of Mind recap |Indy Cornrows recap)Cavaliers 105, Blazers 100 (Fear the Sword recap |Blazers' Edge recap)Nets 110, Rockets 105 (Nets Daily recap |The Dream Shake recap)Thunder 125, Grizzlies 88 (Welcome to Loud City recap |Grizzly Bear Blues recap)Magic 85, Nuggets 74 (Orlando Pinstriped Post recap |Denver Stiffs recap)Kings 114, Jazz 106 (Sactown Royalty recap |SLC Dunk recap)


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