bamboo floor contraction

  • especially suitable for the shop in the elderly, children's living room. The price of the bamboo floor relative also has a certain advantage. High-grade bamboo free deck designs canada wood floor is equivalent to the perfection of the price of the price, is in commonly 200 yuan/square meters to 400 yuan/square meters.

    Bamboo floor features: small color difference, because the growth of bamboo radius is much smaller than the trees, not affected by the sunshine, there is no clear the difference between Yin and Yang pics of pools problems with composite decking , so the bamboo floor is rich in bamboo grain, and colour and lustre is symmetrical;

    High surface hardness is also an advantage of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring because the plant crude fiber structure, its natural hardness more than twice higher than wood buy azek trim online , and out of shape not easily. The theoretical service life of 20 years. Stability, bamboo floor contraction and expansion is smaller than real wood floor.