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  • can continue to give users different from the use of cable digital TV receiver (set-top box), a wealth of personalized experience. So, today, we look at how to install the smart TV software kang. The smart TV Konka Konka smart TV as an example, introduces how to use smart TV Konka Konka smart TV how to use a connection in the network can only watch movies online, according to the continuous, cannot watch the local Taiwan, Taiwan Province, central taiwan. How to use smart TV Konka two: the wireless

    keyboard receiver to wipe the USB interface on the line. How to use smart TV Konka three: is that the sharp aquarium can go to install some applications inside, for example, family KTV, browser and other applications. How to use smart TV Konka four: as long as it is installed on the TV, basically can be used, but if you want to play the game is to connect the game handle. How to use: smart TV Konka five deposit is Kingsoft Kingsoft disk, you can save some data in the above text, on TV and computer can be

    opened. How to use: Six smart TV Konka Konka TV comes with security guards antivirus ability is strong, can protect your TV is not damaged by the virus. How to use smart TV Konka seven: most of the games then can be connected to the TV, USB, HDMI, AV, VGA interface can be connected on TV the other TV brands are generally 120HZ, 2D, 3D display will be almost, and Konka TV is 240HZ. Konka color is 12BIT 68 billion 600 million color, which is the highest in the domestic TV brands,

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