angola rosewood

  • Nevertheless, this minister still expresses at the same time, hope not the price of the lumber inside countrywide limits does not appear to fluctuate greatly accordingly. Mozambique republic is located in African southeast ministry, the area makes an appointment with kilometer of 800 thousand square, dominated from Portuguese colony cabot composite deck stain 1975 next independence, the economy after civil war ended 1992 begins to restore.

    Come for years, not be China all the time brunet and rare furniture and sculpture timbered are main origin country, the rare wood of exit has Bao Gu Dou (flocculus red wingceltis) , covering a cracked cement patio beans of Si Tuman cliff (gallinaceous wing wood) , black Mu Huangtan (East Africa is black yellow wingceltis) , angola rosewood (tall cotton pear) ,

    snail spic wood (African the pride of China) , outdoor tounge and groove flooring Brazil wind car wood (Hei Zitan, skin is grey) , buckthorn wood (he checks rice) , coke beans (acerbity branch of Gong Guibao, Africa) , triumphant Er motley beans (branch of African red acid, Mukuludi) , cloth of didymous Gu Yi is carried (Chen Guibao) , wide plunge into Shan pahudia (beautiful blessing) and a few dye rosewood (hematic wingceltis)wooden decking used on walls etc.