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  • domestic tv. Sony TV? 1, SONY TV clear LED backlight technology, in the back of the SONY TV backlight components add "phosphorus", making SONY TV image color more saturated, bright. 2, SONY TV, SONY TV image processing technology, using DRC digital precision imaging techniques, the ordinary TV SD signal into a signal of higher density, makes the picture look more vivid, more colorful. 3, SONY TV high speed LCD panel driver technology, so that the dynamic performance of the screen

    smoother. Sony SONY LCD TV LCD TV: the advent of the open four new focus for the field of flat-panel TVs, respectively, HDMI1.3 interface, 10bit HD panel, x.v.color color gamut and Motionflow100Hz dynamic response time. These three new

    techniques were applied to the third generation SONY BRAVIA LCD TV products, and now SONY LCD TV camp if in accordance with the low-end high school order, should be X, W, F, V380A, V, M, the six series, so according to the reasonable logic, SONY will be the three new technology assigned to different location models, that is to say, in addition to X Series LCD TV's flagship, the rest of the series are not at the same time with the three technologies, it is also in order to reflect the dominance of

    SONY TV fully deserve. Sony TV support video format: Sony TV to support the format of the video file which is a lot of people who want to buy Sony TV is more concerned about. USB, FAT16, FAT32 viewer supports FAT12 and exFAT file system. 1, the following video file format for USB playback: (1) AVCHD (with an extension of ".Mts" or ".M2ts" file) (2) MP4 (AVC) (with an extension of the ".Mp4" file) (3) MP4 (MPEG4) (with an extension of the ".Mp4" file) (4) MPEG1 (with an extension of the

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