big brands of imitation wood flooring

  • Why these products than the cottage-quality products, because the equipment is the world's top equipment, we Terminal Services, there are many years of operation. In fact, very poor plate production and operation of the product of a year or two of the time there will be slot damage, discoloration, cracks and other problems can not be reused, the big brands of imitation wood flooring, from the substrate selection to production Equipment,

    every aspect of the process are full control. We choose from the wood to the floor to install the final consumer to the home, the whole regulation, so that consumers can use the floor assured. Today, we have called for industry leadership on the imitation of solid wood floor to be taken seriously, a need for a special quality characteristics of imitation wood floor, the introduction of new national standards, but also hope to increase supervision of such products.

    In addition, I also hope that the majority of the media and consumers to help us to monitor, so that the industry inside these five inferior workshops imitation wood floor, the real disappearance from the market, thank you! Today, this seminar has also been a lot of consumers and users of concern, they have a lot of problems brought together on my side. Because several veterans as the industry, more familiar with the product,

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