operation quality on the project

  • For normative Changshu port entrance lumber examines market order, jiangsu Changshu examines quarantine bureau strengthened pair of entrance lumber to examine further the supervisory trend rice husks wood composite management of the company. A few days ago, this bureau held entrance lumber to examine in dock of Changshu Gang Xinghua activity of ability test and verify, examine to two lumber the company is planted in entrance log volume,

    material examine the operation quality on the project such as appraisal and work efficiency undertook test and verify. Carry this activity, promotional also entrance lumber cheapest outdoor composite decking examines enterprise in abide by discipline abide by the law, sincere letter is managed, the consciousness of the respect such as safe production.

    "The whole nation is optimal " , " China the first " , " unprecedented " , " sales volume the first " , " completely net head is sent " , " minimum price " wait for diction to be in new "plastic faux stone panels for outdoors advertisement law " in already became ban a speech. Recently, pu Tianxian swims head of prefectural a list of names posted up presses down an annatto Buddha bead inn because hang out " entire network minimum price " sales promotion model of written characters is punished 10 thousand yuan.