The note of cleanness of floor of clean method of composite flo

  • The note of cleanness of floor of clean method of composite floor

    composite floor although wear-resisting, but also have certain life cycle, it is good that in be being used daily so, we need to do maintain, so how does composite floor maintain? What what need notices is there?

    The clean method of composite floor

    1, dry procrastinate: From dirt of the eliminate on the floor and bilge. Use dry wet perhaps yarn, small fiber or other practicable does mop.

    2, cleaner is clean: Use cleaner can mix the dirt on the floor inattentive dirty content is cleared and clean. Limitative area gets in the operation, can use this cleanness method to replace mop.

    3, small wet procrastinate: Should use water or cleaner to will pull cloth appreciably first wet, the method is to use special and clean capstan to push the water share with redundant mop, also can pulling aspersion of the gush on cloth or cleaner additionally. Want to notice, there must not be water to gather on the floor. Inside second of the 15-20 after wiping an end, floor must can completely dry.

    4, eliminate smear: the neuter cleaner that passes dilute direct gush is on smear, fill up Qing Dynasty to till,be brushed with white or gules nylon cleanness next besmirch take out, wipe clean with clear water finally.

    5, muti_function the machine that brush the ground: To cleaning the region with very onerous task, the website suggests to use muti_function the machine that brush the ground undertakes cleaning, what didymous floor is over in measure can be clean to swab in come to sewage gather up. Can use wool is brushed and clean mat is finished clean the job. Can use cream-colored normally / gules and clean mat. The formula of electric power drive that can use different measure or batteries drive type brush ground machine, and the chance brushing the ground that takes wool to brush.

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