size of the old trees

  • due to radiation cooling air layer close to the ground in the water vapour saturated composit decking that looks like cedar , condensation formation of radiation fog. The expert reminds, when the fog, try not to open doors and Windows, otherwise easy to cause the home more and more humid composite deck veneer supplier , need to wait until the sun came out before I can open doors and Windows of ventilation.

    Intake of minerals, mineral line: because trees caused by the different nutrients, trace element. Color: tree growth environment, such as soil, temperature difference and the size of the old trees porch plastic wood floor antislip products , and segment drawn when the tree is different, different section such as natural reasons,

    objective conditions caused the plank of color difference. Knot: in the trunk of trees and tree fork junction will naturally form a knot, after materials, plank on will appear accordingly wet room vinyl flooring . Aspects: sheet processing, cutting and cutting, the cutting points diameter due to the different cutting method, produced plate grain also is different.