building the perfect patio

  • Keep in mind that there are some composite deck materials that you can use for your patio that require less maintenance. Many of these materials are a hybrid of the ones that have been used in the past. The combination of wood and plastic can be made to look like simulated wood. Keep in mind that composite deck materials are not as strong as regular old wood, but it is much heavier. It is also very resistant to weathering, rot and rust. It does not change shape or warp and doesn't need to be treated to maintain its appearance. Although most materials no matter what you use will experience a little color fading after the initial installation, you can help minimize this color loss by keeping your patio clean and free from debris. Clean up any spills and clean any stains as soon as possible. It is a good idea to clean the deck with warm water and a hose at least twice a year. You can add more personal touches with decorative essentials like flowers, special lighting and other things you feel will enhance the quality of your outdoor patio.

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