real wood floor

  • And after the end of last year's "tsunami", Indonesia, Malaysia, myanmar these products (wood, wood, etc.) of forestry in China's main trading partners, affected by the "tsunami" in all serious solid deck under deck covering , real wood raw material supply drop sharply, lead to the price of real wood floor is soaring.

    The rising price of real wood floor, no doubt, limiting the consumer's purchase enthusiasm. On the other hand, as consumer awareness of compound floor and understanding outdoor wood floor tiles , found that not only have compound floor and real wood floor the same adornment effect, high stability and no need special maintenance,

    price material benefit, also won't have significant motion consumer's consumption concept has become increasingly shift. More and more families decorate, fine decoration example room decoration are beginning to choose compound floor 2ft high garden border . New cologne floor years committed to the development and research of compound floor, new cologne, aggrandizement is compound the floor has been in the leading position in the market.