wood floor tile

  • Completely real wood floor tile to shape deformation can shop is in the correct way to solve, there are 3 parts water can cause real wood floor tile shape deformation: 1 composite deck price increases , the moisture in the air; 2, the moisture from the keel; 3 the moisture in the ground.

    In the process of the pavement of the floor can effectively prevent the water come into contact with the floor on the back of the three parts is the key good wpc floor cost per sq feet . Often appear error shop is as follows: 1, the shop floor without moistureproof film (3 parts water do not prevent); damp proof membrane coupling place not sticky or sticky lax, breathable, reach the purpose of the moisture can we build a deck with tiled flooring ; the moistureproof film under the keel,

    only to prevent the floor moisture; spread moistureproof film on keel, moistureproof film on keel waved, have space between the floor back and moistureproof film, moisture can still be into three parts 30mm plastic lumber fence , lead to ground floor tile shape deformation;