stable quality of the floor

  • The ninth step: the floor slab billet molding will choose a good veneer monolithic coated with environmentally friendly adhesive attached to the substrate on the floor, and then into the advanced hot-pressing machine for hot pressing, that is made of qualified multi-layer parquet flooring . Step 10: floor slab health As the floor substrate in the decorative veneer and after hot pressing, slab internal and generated a large internal stress,

    so that the floor slab needs in the balance of constant temperature and humidity health warehouse Static health 20 days or so, so as to ensure a more stable quality of the floor. The eleventh step: the floor cutting slotted through the health, slab cutting equipment will be formed through the slot. Slot quality of the splicing of finished flooring is significant, so the large domestic enterprises to introduce more imported German cutting equipment to ensure quality.

    Step 12: Leaching paint dry finish groove finish the floor, through the leaching paint equipment. After eight primer, four topcoat of the shower coating, the finished surface of the finish will be moist and rich toughness. After just sorting packaging, the end of the entire production process.

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