important basis

  • "Drill outside " the spot is checked, student people need has laid solid theoretical foundation, the spot of real swords and spears-the real thing is carried out, auger container, ascend annulus, climb lumber caboodle, biology to monitor to cannot be short of. "Double check match well " : One check " examine " , student people feet singapore decking price of check of lumber of need spot study, character examines technology,

    spot visiting country's biggest annatto raw material trades the market, straight impressions suffers lumber of lumber industry atmosphere, study to examine technology; 2 check " quarantine " , plastic decking for boat docks lumber carries evil living things very complex, want accurate search evil living things, must understand characteristics of life of every kinds of harmful biologic, search scene of crime of a gleam of, still need to learn to wait except appraisal of harm manage, quarantine alone the wind resistance fencing door " skill in wushu " .

    Lumber examines, it is the protective people interest, important basis that collects import revenue; Lumber quarantine, it is the serious check mouth of safety of biology of safeguard country door, the demand of technical, practicality that two respects work is very strong. Accordingly, home Zhang harbor examines quarantine bureau from plastic lumber wall siding respect of soft, hardware all-around, much channel ensures Bencipei of lecture class hold smoothly, stimulative lumber examines quarantine technology cyanine in succession, ensure country pupil thing is safe.