Good internal strength

  • number of enterprises holding the patented technology are Utility model patented technology, the industry believes that such a technology is not worth the money, because the beginning of the patented technology when it has not been in-depth investigation, the degree of protection is relatively poor, once deepened up, this patent really is not

    necessarily your. 'Good internal strength, do their own, less staring at others, have the ability to come up with the core technology and overseas companies to grab the market, that is the Chinese flooring companies should follow the principle.' An industry insiders on the floor industry worries Not unreasonable. Reporters learned that this

    year, Shandong Linyi plate total imports and exports increased by 369.5%, was explosive growth trend, Shandong Linyi plate industry quickly pick up. According to reports, affected by the shortage of international raw materials, international timber prices are rising sound one. Experts predict that in 2010, China's timber gap will reach

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