warehouse for finished product

  • (9) room of warehouse for finished product. Had built 15300 smooth rice warehouse for finished product by the program at present room. The place on put together is narrated, future plans to await the particieboard project that build basically is advocate manufacturing workshop, power supply, all be to road of catchment, anti temperature composite wood pastic plant area in the construction of density board project plan along with all the others and build, the workshop making gum with craft form a complete set, macerate paper workshop and the workshop that stick a face and storeroom all already sakura home composite deck obligate is being finished in.

    On Feburary 11, 2015, xie Er of bey of Dewoerkeweiji, the Si Kezhou that hold wood in the palm builds season ? of A Erka of Russian Federation Vice Prime Minister ? Riwajijin group, attend come back the starting ceremony that cuts veneer project. In inspecting, the Vice Prime Minister gives to the fast and healthy progress of price of wood plastic decking cooperative area affirmative, affirmatory give cooperative area larger support.

    6, blend in a country actively " one belt all the way " economic integration of the strategy and Russian federal Ou Ya develops the strategy, implementation interconnection each other is things made from decking boards connected, drive domestic company to walk along implementation to hold round development in the arms.