moderate, cumbersome, local decoration appropriate

  • well as tea cabinet. There is a Beijing for the wooden home cultural center, very good. Do not know if you have to study, his family has a modern Mianqi, very style, that there are two stores is very good, to study some, I heard that Beijing's old elm Mianqi good furniture, material is also very satisfied , Read a lot of the market, feel the appearance is very good, one is Beijing is the classical furniture, need simple Zen tea tables and chairs I was selling tea in the

    South to sell tea. 3. Lacquered old elm furniture, the quality of the appearance of a very good dry air but not easy to deformation of wood, so people put the old wooden re-processed into other furniture. At the same time, old elm furniture due to clear grain, so often used to produce the classical furniture. Elm furniture wood tough tough corrosion resistance. Strength and hardness are relatively moderate, suitable for the production of sculpture furniture. Elm

    texture clear and smooth, can be used to produce exquisite handicrafts. (1) elm texture accessible clear, smooth surface, beautiful chord pattern, with a similar "chicken wing wood" of the old elm wood-free furniture advantages and disadvantages Pattern. Wood by the plastic, carved painting, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts. (2) elm woody tough, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance; hardness and strength moderate, suitable for carving, the

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