market copy of the brand

  • national consumer market floor brand, all of a sudden fire on the day. 'Our hard to figure out the patent, put the market a few years, has brought a good business for the enterprise, did not expect to be copied by others. Flooring industry is really too standard!' Shengjia floor board chairman Lin Hai face the media, bitterly statement. He

    bluntly said: the market copy of the brand of a lot of good brand, the reason to take the holy elephant surgery, the purpose is to prosecute the leading enterprises with the sound of deterrence of other small and medium enterprises. Bu Linhai said in the 'by the elephant plagiarism of the patented technology' refers to the good in 2004 by the

    National Patent Office of the utility model patented technology 'mixed structure of solid wood flooring', patent number ZL03256842.8. Public information shows that the so-called mixed structure of solid wood flooring, is composed of at least two different fiber structure of the plate composition to wood veneer as the core, the upper and

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