advanced promotion of supervisory

  • Green character China goes -- the essence of activity of forest products of focusing China woodiness is attention product quality the quality management experience with advanced composite exterior flooring materials promotion of supervisory job, organization and method, push brand strategy carry out. Accordingly, the qualitative check branch of countrywide each district, orgnaization should support energetically, supervisory department meets our product quality to be offerred to this activity go to the lavatory and support. " Zheng Weihua expresses to say in the speech.

    Vice-chairman of association of Chinese economy the press holds secretary-general Hu Ying concurrently to warm in be being released, disclose, from now on mobile general by expert scholar, media inspects action of collect folk songs, woodiness forest products (woodiness household product and other household product) the advantage is compared, the brand is evaluated (international) standard and evaluation system survey, " green character China. The activity begins to best engineered wood flooring come to will end in December from August 2016.

    According to Introduction Hu Ying warm, this the activity got leader of national forestry bureau and each of relevant section support energetically. This activity will be main the woodiness 16 ft decks boards england forest products such as window of door of focusing wood floor, wood, man-made board, the bibcock industry survey of two woodiness forest products forms mobile general development 8 big main achievement, include among them: Form " green character China goes -- forest products of focusingbalcony floor covering options China woodiness " metric system of international of evaluation of brand of forest products of the woodiness of intercurrent cloth; that finish decides media findings report to finish authority with cognizance; " woodiness forest products and other household are decorated.