the high temperature carbonization technology

  • elm: more general. Pine: a lot of species, white pine, camphor pine, red pine, the best is the Korean pine wood: This is a new concept, the price is expensive, is the Pinus sylvestris South American pine high temperature carbonation treatment. The best count of carbonized wood, followed by red pine is also very good. Elm is too common. Elm woody tough, texture and clarity, hardness and strength of moderate, generally through the carved relief can adapt,

    planing smooth, beautiful chord pattern, "chicken wing wood" pattern, is one of the main furniture materials. The characteristics of the wood, heart material distinction is obvious, sapwood narrow dark yellow, heartwood dark purple gray; material light hard, high mechanical strength, texture straight, thick structure. For furniture, decoration, etc., elm by drying, shaping, carving painting, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts. Furniture market in the north can be

    seen everywhere. Carbonized wood is divided into surface carbonized wood and deep carbonized wood. Surface carbonized wood is a barbecue with oxygen torch, so that the surface of the wood has a layer of very thin carbon layer, the performance of wood can be analogous to the wood paint, but can highlight the surface of the grain, resulting in three-dimensional effect. Applications focus on handicrafts, decoration materials and aquarium products. Also known

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