area of garden

  • On August 22, my county holds area of garden of industry of industry of timber of Xi Chan zoology to control a gender to plan to meet in detail. Members of standing committee of county Party committee, county Party committee does director Chen Enping, subprefect Chen Zhiliang, Leader attending the meeting parts to plan to offer percy wood plastic composite constructive opinion in detail to industrial garden area, point out garden area wants integral program, unified overall arrangement. Should hold to a butt joint to join,

    protective environment, equitable distribution, economy and safe photograph union, but the principle such as the operation, the attention solves industrial garden area to build cubage, catchment to wait for; of integral layout problem to want to strengthen what industrial garden area and dweller life use the land to join. Make plan of composite plastic wood steps for backyard sound distribution of the function that use the land, raise land to use value, seek sex of whole of urban function layout, rationality, organic sex.

    Chen Enping points out, relevant section should investigate an analysis through the current situation, in the light of this area at the moment land uses a case, make near future program and construction target, solid and fast advance construction of industrial garden area, build garden division at an early date design of collect lumber commercial composite landscaping timber treatment, research and development, exhibition is revealed, trade is current the zoology that is an organic whole, intensive, resource can use circularly specialization, change without dirt, garden type is energy-saving garden of environmental protection industry.