requirements of the building

  • convened dealers across the country, Jilin forest floor How to deal with the development and requirements of the building materials industry, as well as Jilin forest floor international development strategies and ideas and other issues as a one-day seminar. Sohu, the focus of home decoration on the network to do the whole live. Theme: Jilin Forest Floor Market Seminar Time: November 29, 2006 Venue: Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd.

    Conference Room The following entry into the live Record: Moderator Wang Xingjiang: ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, How are you? In this harvest season, Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd., in the capital, Beijing ushered in all the friends from the motherland. In Beijing will work with us to discuss the development of Jilin forest floor.

    To this end, to come forward to participate in the meeting of the guests, ladies and gentlemen, said the warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks. Mr. Li Fengchun, General Manager of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Song Jianlong, Executive Deputy Vice President of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Mr. Lu Bin, Secretary General of China National Forest Products Industry Association Committee of Floor Board, Vice Chairman of China Timber Circulation Association Mr. Gao Zhihua, Executive Director of Beijing Flooring Association,

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