paved floor

  • should be timely clean with a clean damp cloth will board face adhesive. The expansion of the 13, should have around 5 mm wide gap, gap width must be consistent veranda composite deck board end caps . 14, are not allowed to be on the paved floor , can walk around on the underside of the ceiling, the adhesive joint tenon chamfer can firmly into one.

    floor installation with wedge to pull out. 16, in the low temperature radiant heating of the heat of the ground shop, requires no crack, ground level ground, available a two-component resin will gap to fill cheaper vinyl fencing options . 17, before the shop should know the hot water pipe, the thickness of concrete cover layer,

    according to the DIN18365 standard discharge pipe of the heat of the cladding thickness 65 mm - 75 mm, not less than 40 mm thick in the country. Discharge pipe of the heat of the cladding thickness is very important cheap pressed wood siding france , production protection radiator pipe service life and make uniform heat dissipation,