with the original trees

  • live science blowing Alpine trombone brought Switzerland, your mind will emerge a scene: the twilight, sunset, the afterglow blooming Alps mountain. A shepherd, who was far from his family, stood alone on the top of the hill, and, with the silence of the flock, blew a long horn, and told the mountains with the long whimper of melancholy.

    In Switzerland, the Alpine trombone is an irreplaceable symbol, printed on commemorative postcards, chocolates and cheese wrappers printed with trombones; and on traditional Swiss festivals, the Alpine trombone is indispensable. The event site, not only allows you to witness the hand-made by the Swiss Alpine trombone: length of 3 to 4 meters, the diameter gradually increased from the playing side, to the end of the horn when talented,

    with the original trees in the hillside growth Due to the natural formation of the roots of the mountain bend, and made a curved bell. Interested friends can also learn personally blowing the big and old instruments, to see if you can blow out that long continuous, endless beauty of music. Switzerland Lucerne floor is rare in China to take direct sales model of the "foreign floor" Switzerland Lucerne floor since 2001 to enter the Chinese market,

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