building materials

  • Expected, "15" during our country housing decoration will increasing at the rate of 20% in output. By 2005, decorate building materials demand is expected to exceed 650 billion yuan wood decks building section panel . For a period of time in the next decade or more, the speed will be higher than decorative building materials industry development in our country national economy development speed by 3% ~ 3%,

    become the important growth point of national economy. It is this attractive market, foreign giants of decorative building materials has been stepped up in the expansion of putting on Chinese territory pictures deck for swimming pools . B&q, The Times, HOMEDEPOT, these international building materials are retail giant strides to develop the Chinese market.

    These international companies in the business, capital, services and so on many aspects, have their own advantages, market strategy in China is also very clear most inexpensive composite decking prices : the segmentation and leading China building materials market step by step. But with good beautiful,