technology of case luck

  • Total industry tells the technology of case luck company the reporter, the dado of carbon fiber electric heat of research and development of 2 courtyards collaboration obtained they and condo balcony flooring Qatar spaceflight a few days ago significant progress. Efficiency of changeover of electric heat of this kind of new product is tall, can use mobile phone remote control and temperature of real time monitoring, humidity and index of quality of indoor and multinomial air.

    Cost approximates traditional water warm cost, OK and extensive at Cheap murals for fence south applying short-term seasonal warm oneself and northward and numerous be illogical the house home that lunt warms oneself and of all kinds place; The convection type carbon fiber that Ge Ruisheng produces report is warm implement it is to use carbon fiber to heat how much fence do i need for 110 sq ft material, use aerodynamics principle to make central heating by below consummate, by outside arrive in, natural convection, can realize whole to add lukewarm, make whole room rapid reach ideal temperature.

    Come nearly 3 years, case luck company formed room inside and outside to decorate in all through own project approving, own research and development plank and new-style and wet tower of flue gas to where to buy wood plastic composite boards decoke and its component equipment product of two kinds of big new and high technologies.