status of the flooring industry

  • The future, high-grade laminate flooring and parquet will become an international consumer trends.With the current Hefei home market, many consumers for home consumption concept of constant change, personalized and cost-effective home building materials products are being more and more people in Hefei public favorite, then the floor, cabinets, bathroom, etc.

    Building materials, we can see a lot of innovative products continue to appear in the home market in Hefei. So the face of diversity and personalized consumer era, the floor, for example, many flooring business is also expanding their sales areas, creating a wide range of flooring products to meet the individual needs of the young consumer groups after 80,

    the following we And to analyze, and now the status of the flooring industry. Flooring industry to enter the era of diversification of large adjustment of product categories, product categories to adjust. Flooring industry is mainly solid wood flooring, parquet, in which the total number of solid wood flooring is reduced from 8 million to 6,000, to 45 million in 2007, such as further down to 30 million square meters is a comparison Constant,

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