high-quality flooring smell

  • The water absorption will become high, for daily use, the most intuitive effect is that if the floor is blistering after the floor prone to cracking, deformation and other phenomena cost of building a deck , the substrate determines the stability of the floor. Experts say, look at the substrate substrate is good or bad, you can also cross-section view,

    if the cross-section looks more delicate, white, on the floor of the substrate is relatively more Good, but if black and rough description of the substrate quality is not good enough. Second patio outdoor furniture wood floor , high-quality wood flooring with natural wood flooring, the second point is to look at environmental protection.

    Consumers can smell the smell of the floor if the smell of the floor, low-quality flooring is likely to have a pungent odor, and high-quality flooring smell a touch of wood Fragrance pvc wall covering supplier price per roll south africa , not pungent taste, but this method is only the basis of the test. "The floor with the amount of glue determines the environmental protection of the floor,