borrow and the adjacent

  • and would like to borrow and the adjacent city of southwest products act the role of material of the shell building commanding, north stores. In the furniture industry fence boards made from recycled materials , when the bayi furniture city in the south to consolidate traditional furniture business circle main position,

    and beauty is in the western suburbs of troops in times Germany win 6 square meters, to create the best products in western largest furniture supply center and set up the banner making plastic composite outdoor furniture , the for transfers-will, more international big alligator b&q flattery to the old building materials,

    has also want to in for the fork again on "chengdu house float subsequently cake" with a knife... Current situation shows that outside is like a mountain tiger, local, and town mountain tiger all polymer composite markets , the tiger fight -- who was not afraid of who. As a result, the beginning of 2005,