German import floor

  • highly respected, baillie, oh, oh, lang, kay, jun grams, jia, etc. Reporter in an interview some building materials market, a marked with "German imports" floor brand sales staff told reporters anti temperature pvc decking , to determine whether the German import floor, consumers not only can look from the label,

    there is also a is higher than domestic prices, "it's a sign is" imported from Germany. The reporter asked whether there are related words or certificate to prove that what it sells is "original German import", the sales staff made it clear that no. In the other two city composite deck panel waterproofing , the reporter met the same situation.

    It is worth mentioning that there is a well-known trademark floor salesperson says, if consumers need, they can produce the import customs declaration (copy) of the floor calculate price for wpc decking with railing . Customs formalities "original German import" can prove? Said in response, President of Europe allusion China headquarters,