the floor in the local

  • for the first time in the floor in the local enterprises. Downtown rush group enterprises are followed to dabble in manufacturing aggrandizement is compound floor garden walls plastic , all of them are eyeing the huge market development of aggrandizement is compound the floor space.

    In many other brands floor big push into our city and life, jinhua local some floor manufacturing companies strive to become bigger and stronger, in possession of the local market at the same time pine plank ceiling , also accelerated the pace of outward expansion. According to experts predict that as the current real estate,

    home only flooring market capacity will exceed 300 billion yuan mark. Conservative calculations, including aggrandizement is compound floor, wooden floor to 40% laminating flooring suppliers . So the market is still in the stage of high-speed growth. Aggrandizement is compound the floor since birth in Europe in the 1980 s,